Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 Things About Wednesday, 19th August: Fabric And Other Forms Of Strain Edition

  • Instead of my usual 'walk up to the train station and catch the train into the city' routine, this morning I decided to take a bus instead. Adventure! Oh, and I say A BUS rather than THE BUS because that would imply the bus I wanted actually arrived.
  • During lunch I sat next to a young Chinese couple. They ate McDonalds and I ate Chinese. I guess the grass is always greener?
  • My last customer of the day was a very pretty young woman who could not stop sniffing. I'm not talking the occasional sniff here, I'm talking relentless, I'm-sorry-I'm-trying-to-concentrate-on-selling-you-this-knitting-yarn-and-needles-but-frankly-I'm-imagining-smacking-you-too-much-to-really-pay-attention sniffing. Just as she was leaving, she pulled out a tissue and blew her nose. Gee, thanks.
  • Shortly after arriving home I split the zip on my trousers. a) good timing! and b) seriously, could I be any more hung?
  • Sadly, yes.


Anonymous said...

Considering your uncommonly high lack of stature, even with an average length one it must be down to your knees!

The Other Andrew said...

Dear C.T. Penguin,
a) true, and
b) how rude!