Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Oh My Giddy Aunt!

Hi internets, sorry you haven't heard from me for a while! Here's a quick recap of the state of play.

I finished my contract job at the marine construction company (boo!) and went straight into another temp assignment (yay!) for a couple of weeks, only to have the construction company tell me that they want me back for about three months once I have finished this current temp assignment (more yay!). Towards the end of my first week at this new job, they offered me a permanent position (yay!) on a substantial sum of money - about a 33% increase from my temp salary (YAY!!). I rang the construction company and told them I wasn't coming back (boo!) because I had a permanent job offer, but they rang me with a counter offer. Yes folks, I'm the subject of a bidding war.

Still with me? Good.

My computer died (BOO!). There is no (Yay!) in this part of the story...

Two good friends of mine who were married recently are in the process of splitting up (Boo!), and by all accounts he is being a real prick about it (BOO!!). Oh, and as they are my landlords... well who knows what that'll mean in the division of assets (potential boo!).

On the Buddhism front, I leave this weekend for an 8 day meditiation retreat (yay!) in silence (---!), which I am really looking forward to. Expect a flurry of posts after the 25th, as I have been starved for communication all that time. I resigned my volunteer job as the Buddhist centre care manager as the position of running the bookshop became vacant (yay!). So know I'm ordering like a mad thing so that we have enough books for the big events that are coming up in our calendar over the next few months. But hey, it's shopping, so I'm more than fine with that.

So, phew. The upshot is that in the near future my ongoing financial stress will ease and I'm really pleased that I have the position at the Buddhist centre that I wanted. Tough times are ahead for my married friends, but we'll see what happens. As to the dead computer, that's in the lap of the gods (and my techie room-mate).


Michael said...

You are being bid upon like a commodity! Like a piece of meat! Can life be any better than when you are being objectified? They want you. They really want you.

"Oh My Giddy Aunt!" ????

Anonymous said...

When you were away (boo)for this long I assumed that you must have already been on retreat, but here you are (Yay). Great to hear about the work front and the bidding war - thats awesome. And the new Buddhist position too at the Centre. Yaaayyyy!

Latest with me is:
I am blonde again - Yaayy

.. and evidently we DO have more fun because I went clubbing last Saturday with Rabbit (my tattoed surfer hottie and all round big sweetie bi-dude best friend and ex) and some friends of mine. An AWESOME night (super-abso-fabbo-Yaaayyy), all of us getting to bed well after dawn.

Enjoy your retreat.

Bodhi :-)

Anonymous said...

PS. Dont let that Aunt of yours get too giddy, the last thing you want is a giddy Aunt spewing all over the place.

Not a pretty sight.

Bodhi :-)

The Other Andrew said...

Ah, Bodhi... 'we all got to bed'...

My mind, it boggles. :-)

As to my recent lack of posts, it's a bit of general busy-ness and a LOT of home computer problems. The retreat starts Saturday and I'm back in the afternoon of the 24th. Looking forward to it! We must catch up and so I can see the blonde locks.

Michael, 'Oh My Giddy Aunt' is a favourite colloquial exclamation of mine. As to being objectified, I'm 40 now so I take it when I can get it... :) to speak.