Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ji Wallace. Medallist, Hottie, Queer.

Australian Olympic trampoline silver medalist [on the right, in the photo] at Sydney 2000 (and gold medal cutie pie) Ji Wallace has come out as gay. To his credit, he stated that he had always been comfortable with his sexuality and that it really wasn't that big a deal. How wonderful, and if only one young person sees him saying 'this is who I am and it isn't a bad thing' then he has done a very good thing in my opinion.

I do understand that there is PR exercise in all this too, in getting his name back into the papers at a time when he is seeking sponsorship. However, that in and of itself is positive in that he doesn't particulary see this as a handicap to sponsorship.

I remember watching his performance at the Sydney Olympics and being impressed with his performance as well as having lust in my heart for his trim, compact cuteness, and thinking 'you know, I think he might be'. Now if only other certain Australian Olympic athletes would do the same...

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Anonymous said...

Ji Wallace would have to be the most up front and interesting person i have ever met. Everyday when we trained together was just amazingly funny. You can totally see that he is gay the way he dances when there is disco music playing...haha

good old times