Monday, August 30, 2004

Weekend In A Nutshell

The upside:
  • My new Esprit shirt. Summery, 'Slim Fit' and not stretched too tight across the belly = next weekend Birthday Party Wear. Teamed with the Package Enhancement Jeans it should be some potent mojo.
  • Sunday afternoon birthday get together for Karrine at her house. It rained, so the courtyard was off limits but I had a good time, even without alcohol. I know, shock.
  • Tearing up during the Wildcards show of 'Australian Idol'. Although this made me hate myself, thoroughly.
  • A tamed backyard. Weeds be gone!

    The downside:
  • Still fat. Well, not FAT!, but fat. You know what I'm saying?
  • How hard can it be to buy a damn tube of John Frieda's 'Upbeat' styling cream in this godforsakentown?!
  • 'Metro Fit' shirts. Whatthefuh? Apparently it is New Urban Speak for slim fitting. (Although this has given me a new euphemism to use. "I feel fat, I used to be so 'metro' you know?" or "Get her, she's smoking Virginia Metros.")
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