Friday, August 13, 2004

I'm Changing My Name To 'Lance'

My sweet, sweet ex boyfriend is buying me a bicycle for my upcoming 40th birthday! I'm very excited about the whole thing, I mean there will be shoes, a hat (of sorts) and some slick cycle drag to be had. I am always, and ever will be, about the accessories. We started looking at some bikes, and it looks like I'll be getting something seriously sleek and light. I'm not worthy.

One thing I had never thought about this whole bike purchasing thing, some of the salesmen are obviously keen cyclists themselves, and we are talking high hotness quotient.

The only problem is, I have never even tried to drive a car and haven't ridden a bike for something like 10 years or more. I'm guessing it might be a good idea to learn the road rules. I'm a little paranoid about riding on the busy streets of Sydney, but I figure I'll take it easy at first and not tackle the busy streets if I can help it.

If you see someone on a cool looking bike nervously trying to figure out who has the right of way, be sure and say 'Hi' won't you.

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