Thursday, June 10, 2010

5 Things About Thursday, 10th June: Blockage Edition

  • Much of today I spent being mildly aggravated by my glasses, which seemed to be suddenly and inexplicably ill fitting. On the way home I finally took them off to see if one of the arms was bent or something (because the only other thought that crossed my mind was that my face was suddenly lopsided), and I've lost one of the little nose pad thingies. Bugger.
  • Of all the things I've loaded on my iPod, it struck me today that two 70s disco compilations are by far the two CDs that get listened to the most. You can take the boy out of the 70s, but you can't take the 70s out of the man.
  • I bought a set of digital bathroom scales on the way home tonight. I'm pretty certain that I've been packing on the pounds lately (or all my pants have shrunk), and I need to a) find out how dire the situation has become and b) start fixing it.
  • I haven't been able to bring myself to put the batteries in it yet. Baby steps, m'kay?
  • I arrived home to find a note on the crapper bog toilet lavatory from my flatmate. Part plaintive wail and part cautionary tale that the toilet was blocked and a plumber was required. Oh puny mortal, you underestimate my plunger-fu. Like so many things in life, 5 minutes of enthusiastic pumping and it was all over.


Tyson said...

I've had both nose pads trying to make escapes over the past few months. I know a bit of glue will fix it, but perhaps it's a sign to buy new glasses? Yes?

The Other Andrew said...

Yes. Not in the least because where the hell the missing pad has got to... I have no idea. Thankfully I have an older back-up pair that I'm wearing today.