Friday, April 16, 2010


Looks like the cold that had started brewing when I went to Melbourne has become a full on chesty bit of nastiness. Ugh, I'm going to pop out and grab a coffee from the cafe near my house but then it's back to the bed/sofa for me. (My new flatmate has brought with him an extensive collection of DVDs, so I suspect the sofa is where I'll stay.) Laters!


Dawn said...

I hope you are feeling improved today. Get well wishes winging your way. If you are down in Melb again with a bit more time-I'd be glad to see you, do dinner, something.

The Other Andrew said...

Hey Mizz Dawn, thanks for the wishes! Absolutely, I think I'll be in Melb fairly frequently to do stuff for the store. Probably mostly a day visit, but you never know.