Saturday, April 10, 2010

5 Life Lessons I Have Learned By Teaching Knitting*

  • No matter how hard you try, some people will just NOT GET IT. Not even if you beseech them.
  • One (ie: me) needs to acknowledge this fact and move on, without throwing one's arms around their legs and screeching How have I failed you!?!
  • Others will really, really get it. Bzzzzzzzzzp! Ok, I've knitted 20 rows, now what?!
  • Either position can turn perfectly functional adults into being a kid again. Dejection or pride, pretty much 2 sides of the same coin.
  • I always start the class by teaching a simple slip knot. This is functional, but also highlights the Will Gets v the Will Probably Not Gets. From this I have learned that maybe I should start giving all potential suitors some sort of test. (Not the same one though because then I might only get guys into S&M.)

*A beginners' class at work, for 3 hours every second Saturday afternoon.


james said...

Nice to have you back :)

Dawn said...

to give suitor's at test, one has to have some/one. I like the idea of designing a test though.

Glad to hear things are looking more up for you. The black hole is not fun. I'm skirting the edge of it myself at the moment. Must step away. "Step AWAY from the edge"

Dawn said...

bugger. Should have proof read that. "suitors a"

Kris said...

Sing it. Personally, my biggest teaching irritation are the people who have zero reading comprehension. You couldn't expect them to follow the simplest instruction off a piece of paper; they have to have every single thing repeated out loud to them. Drove me batty.

Incidentally, your class is the same day as the Guild meeting, and we have free workshops after each one. So when your class ends, please let your students know that they're welcome to come along and get some additional help if they want. :)

jason said...

yeay! You're back.
I'm glad.

I suspect I'd be the one who never could get it.