Sunday, April 18, 2010

August Sander

In between hacking up a lung or two (see my previous post) I've been watching DVDs, knitting,and making nice with the internet. In my travels on the information superhighway (remember that?) I stumbled across some photographs by the German portrait and documentary photographer August Sander (b 1876 - d 1964). It has to be said that his subjects are a pretty dour lot, but there's something about that direct and fearless gaze into the lens that has always intrigued me.

C'mon, say "cheese".


Matt Watson said...

Hey there,

I think, but don't quote me, that the woman second from the top is Erika Mann, daughter of Thomas Mann, neice of Heinrich Mann, sister of Klaus. She was quite a famous actress in pre-WWII Germany together with Klaus and their friends. Klaus was an author like his father and uncle, wrote a great novel about pre-WWII Berlin with a lot of gay themes called "Child of These Times".

Thought that might be of interest to you :)


The Other Andrew said...

Thanks for the info Matt!

Aryaman Stefan Wellershaus said...

the two wearing NAZI-uniforms: the uniforms are imitations - not bad but not true either.


RockinRod said...

And how do you know that, Stephan?

Anonymous said...


just curious, you do realize the image of the Nazi Soldier has a negative date of 1940? It's not a re enactment or cos-play. So when you say it's an imitation uniform do you mean it isn't full regulation of the period or do you really think it's a modern mockup? By chance could they be "not bad" because they are authentic for the time the photograph was taken? Please elaborate.