Friday, October 15, 2004

The Romance of Travel

I have always been addicted to the look of vintage travel ephemera - posters, tickets, menus, luggage labels etc. Especially those that date from the early decades of the twentieth century through to the 1950's.

I guess the appeal is more than just a love of the pure Art Deco 'machine-age' aesthetic that many of them have. It's also the great romantic notions of travels by cruiseliner, by overland train and by the early years of airplanes, and of travel when so much was exotic and unknown.

So it is with joy that I discovered this gallery of vintage luggage labels. Delightful.

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luscious loulou said...

It's the graphics and the saturation of colour as well as the romance (well, I'm sure there were bad things happening under it all) of the rich having that ability to travel in these great luxurious staterooms and such.

I remember being at the York Railway Station (U.K.) and they had the most amazing postcards of well Railway/Travel ephemera.

Plus at they have the vintage cafe and alcohol posters. I'm jonesing for the Cafe de Matin - Michael Kungl poster. Big and framed in ebony in my kitchen. It might just help to sell the place, yes indeedy.

I have a clock with parapluies-revel but I've always wanted the huuuuge poster for the entryway.

Just speaks to me this stuff does.