Friday, May 28, 2004

Moving to Metropolis

I moved to Sydney from Adelaide, South Australia at the very tail end of the 1980's. My experience of moving to Sydney, and of living in Sydney, has been a very positive one and quite different from many of the experiences mentioned in this article. I am unashamedly an urbanite though, and to me part of the joy of living in a big city is the variety of possible lifestyles.

The experiences of living in the outer Sydney suburbs vs living in my suburb of Newtown in the 'inner west' for example are radically different. I think the trick is to find a niche that suits. This can take a short while or a long while, and might even never happen, but I think that the payoff can be wonderful.

I live in a place that I love passionately. A place where I can walk down the street and have access to wonderful bookshops and cafes, say hello to friendly neighbours and see people of all ages and orientations mixing together. Sure, it isn't 100% perfect, I could do with a bit more living space, cleaner streets and a better deal for the homeless people who seem to be on the increase in numbers - but it's still a lively and interesting place to live.

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