Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Inside Voice] Outside Voice

To set the scene, I spent all of today on my own in the new (net yet open) store putting stock on the shelves. With the iPod in my ears. With occasional sing-along/bop-along action.

...:::LOUD KNOCK:::...

["Who's that?"] "Um. Can I help you?"

Unknown Woman:
"Got any mohair?"

Me (pointedly looking at the papered over windows with COMING SOON signage):
["Oh, GREAT. a) rude! b) are you serious? c) anyway, "got" is a lazy word*] "Sorry, we're not open yet."

Unknown Woman:
"I thought you'd want to sell me some mohair."

["You would think I'd WANT to, wouldn't you?"] "We'll be open in a week... or two."

Unknown Woman:
"I'll be gone by then."

["Good riddance!"] "Um, okay"

*To this very day I hesitate to use the words "got" and "get", courtesy of one of my better High School English teachers who dubbed them lazy. "Acquired", "received", "bought"... any word that was more specific and more of a stretch of vocabulary was preferred.

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Mindy said...

Retail people really should get an automatic bonus for not being really rude back to rude customers. Or in this case a bonus for making this customer go away and possibly not come back. I wonder if she wanted to use a credit card too.