Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Gutted

Sad face. One of my favourite Masterchef contestants Philip Vakos was just sent home.

Phil reminds me of a number of the Greek boys I went to school with; handsome, masculine, yet sweetly gentle and emotive. But he makes dinner.

Yes, I have a crush.


Tom said...

Did you see Tuesday's Daily Telegraph? I only read it for the food section. Honestly. Not the pervy pictures of shortly to be eliminated MasterChef contestants.

Daily Telegraph MasterChef.

Kris said...

Ha! I came in to link the underpants photo as well. Hummina.

I had to wonder though, if he and his family drummed up the press last week knowing that he was going to be off the air soon. Might as well get some exposure while you can, I guess!

The Other Andrew said...

*faints* I hadn't seen that pic.

(Actually, he's a bit gym pumped and primped for my taste. I like a more natural build, and even a bit of chunk. But don't get me wrong, I'd manage.)

Victor said...

I think it was yesterday's DT that showed a photo of him some months before he went into Masterchef when he was much heavier.

He does have a gorgeous smile.