Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip!

Ugh, I should have gone to bed already! Tomorrow morning I have to be up at sparrow's twit because my boss is picking me at 6.30 AM for a 2 hour road trip. We are Newcastle bound, to set up an exhibitor booth at a large craft fair. This time around the yarn store where I work decided to try something a little different, and we have created a whole new layout and merchandise for the company's stand.

At only 3m x 2m the booth is small, but we wanted to try and maximise its potential. My bosses gave me almost free reign to source fixtures, plan the layout and create packaging for a new set of kits we'll be trialling. The store has a collection of their own yarns that they have released in the past year, as well as exclusive patterns. So I've worked hard to create attractive kit packaging, and we now have a bunch of pretty cool kits of pattern + yarn in all sorts of price points. Most of which feature their own yarns, with a few that feature other popular yarns.

The fair doesn't start until Friday, but tomorrow is set-up day and we have a woman who subcontracts with us to run the booth who so far hasn't seen any of the radical revamp we've done on it. So in the morning my boss and I are heading to the location to work with her to set up the booth and lay out all the merchandise. I've packaged it, planned it to within an inch of its life, drawn planograms, packed the tubs with stock even... and now I'm pretty confident it should all come together.

Unless I navigate as badly as I did last week when my boss and I went to look at shop fixtures, and ended up about an hour out of our way and on the road to Canberra. Oops.


Mel said...

I will just tell you now that no matter how tightly you have planned it all out, be prepared for a fucking long day ahead.

yewenyi said...

Good luck!

Kris said...

Albert is so freaking proud of what you put together. He made a special point of showing it to me when I was there last Thursday. It looks great! I'm so glad everything's working out so well.

Nicole said...

It sounds like a great adventure and now Im almost interested in hauling my butt up there to have a look. Good luck and be prepared for a very long day. (aside on the lost thing : so totally understand the lost thing came home to wollongong once from gosford via wisemans ferry, oops)

Mindy said...

Sounds great. I hope you have a good day.