Wednesday, October 05, 2011

5 Things About Wednesday, 5th October: Tumbling Edition

  • In merrie olde England one of the most feared diseases was known as The Falling Sickness. Whilst I certainly don't have that, just lately I do seem to have caught the knack for falling down. Twice in the past few days I've taken a tumble, including falling UP the stairs at work this morning after misjudging a step. I saved the iPod but bashed a few fingertips (and my pride) in the process.
  • Yes I did have a brief and appropriate earworm this morning of I'll Tumble For Ya by Culture Club.
  • What age do you have to be before the word "fall" gains a capital letter? You go from having a fall, to having a Fall. I guess it's maybe less about age and more about consequences?
  • It's only a short week this week, but I'm still celebrating hump day.
  • I'm into the second week of a 5 week job change, relieving for an admin staff member who has gone on leave overseas. It's still technically part of my department, but I'm stationed in a different part of the university, at a different desk. Here's the thing, I hate the desk and chair set-up. Especially the tilt on the chair which some days makes my back a bit groany. So do I a) change everything to suit me and incur the potential gripes of the returning owner (a known curmudgeon), or b) tough it out? Which could be the lesser of the two evils?


M-H said...

Young people 'fall' (active); older people 'have a fall' (Passive). I trust you're still falling, not having falls. :) Be careful, willya?

Cecilia said...

I guess it depends on how much interaction you are going to have with the curmudgeon! :) Seriously, I think you should change the desk. Nothing is worth risking a sore back for.

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