Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hello! Testing. Is This Thing On?

So posting has been a bit sporadic here of late. I've been struggling with a crackerjack case of sinus infection, weariness and more than a tad of malaise. I know, even I haven't wanted to hear me talk about it...

So, here is the Cliff Notes version (minus all the hand wringing) of the past week:

  • Saturday was a blur of the domestic - early morning supermarket shopping and an intense 'workout standard' cleaning frenzy. People, I even got in and cleaned out the washing machine lint filters. Virtue was mine.
  • Saturday night I went to a lovely dinner at my friends John & Judy's house, where I met the most amazing friend of theirs called Bronwyn and her husband Peter. Bronwyn was smart, funny and warm, and I enjoyed her conversation immensely.
  • Sunday I was back at John and Judy's house to help Judy to sew. She's making a 16th Century Italian ladies outfit and we were making the ruff to go on her chemise. (It makes a lot more sense if you understand that we share the same bizarre hobby.)
  • Tuesday night I had the first full class of my new Buddhist course. Is it wrong to notice that there were three dead set hotties in the class, one of which had a thick Cockney accent? Be still my beating heart. On a serious note the class was excellent, jam packed with people, and I got a lot out of it. I have homework... I forgot what that was like.
  • I have narrowed down the plans for my 40th birthday party and made a venue booking. Next stop, invitations! There's no stopping the Birthday Juggernaut now.
  • I started the process of looking for a new job today. I spoke to my two potential referees here at work and sounded them out about whether they would be happy to be a referee on job applications. Now I have committed myself and hopefully won't succumb to inertia again.

    All other time not specifically mentioned was probably spent watching tv. It's winter, and I'm hibernating.
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