Sunday, January 18, 2009


It's late, late at night as I write this and I'm sunburnt and pooped, but I've had a thoroughly fantastic day. So big a day that I'm blogging it in installments. THAT BIG. (No scratching in the dust for something to write about this weekend, oh no.)

Larger Than Life

Giant inflated ironman, part of a kids' playground.

Young master O'Brien and I had a lunch date at Bondi Beach with his friend Colin. Getting to Bondi from Newtown by public transport isn't the easiest thing in the world, it's either two train trips and a bus ride, or two buses. In the end I opted for the bus trips, and as it would turn out they were the first of 5 bus trips we'd take during the day.

Iconic Dangerous Current

Bondi icons, although its unusual to see the beach so quiet.

Frankly in my opinion five bus trips is about 4 too many, but they were entertaining in their own way, especially the first trip. As the bus headed from Newtown through Surry Hills an increasingly odd assortment of people got on the bus. By the time two quite rough looking guys got on and sat in the seat in front of me, the bus was full of the elderly, the Russian, and (unfortunately) the unwashed. When I saw one of the rough looking guys in front of me turn and talk to his mate I noticed that he was wearing eyeliner... and his friend was wearing both eyeliner and foundation. Ah, not so tough after all.

In The Belly Of The Beast

In the jaws of the beast!

After a bit of missed bus shenanigans with Colin, James and I agreed to meet him at the restaurant The Bondi Trattoria. Did you know that there two Bondi Trattorias? No, neither did we. One at the south end of the beach... and one at the north. Or at least so Colin thought. (I never did find out the exact name of the restaurant we ended up at...)

Not Everybody Sunbakes

Not everybody sunbakes.

Anyhoo, so James and I strolled the length of the beachfront and met Colin at the north end. (There was certainly no hardship in walking the length of Bondi, even on a day that began quite cool and overcast there were beauties by the score.) We had a fantastic meal with Colin, although as gorgeous as my scallops dish was I was a little disappointed by the size of the serving. 5 small scallops... at a shade under $6 each scallop by my reckoning. They were delicious... but without the side dish of veg we ordered, bread and olives on the table, and helping James with his substantial pasta dish, I would have still been hungry.

Martini Free Zone Colour & Movement

Bondi is a martini free zone! (L) and full of lots of colourful street art (R)

By the time we rolled out of the restaurant the day had morphed from cloudy and cool to quite warm and windy. We had some time to kill before James and I had to head off to a house warming for Mary-Helen and Sandra, so the three of us strolled along the beach for a while.

Who Watches The Watcher?

Who watches the watcher?

And that's where the sunburn bit comes in! I am possibly the palest person in Christendom on a good day, and even when it's overcast I can work up a nice sunburn in very little time. By the time I finally got home around midnight I was a pretty shade of lobster pink. Nothing says Summer like an accidental sunburn.

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