Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mad Ball Skillz

I went 10 pin bowling on Friday night after work, for the first time in ages. (July 2006, to be precise.) My friend Graeme was going to a bowling night organised by the social club at his work, and asked James, Grant and myself if we'd like to come along. It was held at the same retro themed bowling alley that I went to last time, and any place where you can bowl while they play a medley of hits from "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert" is super fine by me.

We were teamed up with a couple of sweet guys from Graeme's work to make a team of 6. Two sweet guys who knew how to bowl I should add. I came a mildly disappointing 4th in the first game, but lead the 2nd until Harrold got his competitive testosterone thing on and wiped me in the last frame. Still, 2nd isn't too shabby for an infrequent and moderately skilled bowler.

We repaired to the pub next door afterwards, where James and I played our usual game of summing up our versions of the life stories of the other patrons. Only this time we turned our guessing deductive skills on the two boys in our team. Verdict: there was some disagreement but generally speaking one possible closet case and one unknown quantity.

Graeme and James stopped off at one of the gay pubs on the way home, but my enforced sobriety and I headed home in the freezing wintery night, and I was home by about 11. So, a fun night. I'm determined to do a bit more bowling, because it was really good fun. Plus, the lame DJ at the bowling alley played some mad 80s/90s pop and kept mispronouncing the names of the artistes (ie: Rick Ashley anyone?).

And that in and of itself is rare entertainment if you ask me.

[Don't just take my word for it, check out James's take on the evening.]

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